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Why should I become a verified customer? PDF Print E-mail
Malaysia Office FIDA SYSTEMS (M) SDN BHD | Friday, 02 July 2010 00:00

Online Credit Card Payment: To minimize the risk of credit card fraud, our partners require that our customers be verified before they are allowed to make payment by credit card. Credit card fraud have resulted in losses for both us and our partners in the past.

Reducing the chances of this occuring will enable us to focus more on providing you with better customer service. If you do not wish to get verified, you can still make payment using other payment methods.

Special Pre-Order: Publishers sometimes offer an upcoming product at a special discounted price to consumers. To prevent abuses and to ensure fairness, we are required to limit the number of copies each person can buy. As such, only verified customers will be enjoy this special offer.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 July 2010 18:13
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